CTI offers tailor-made audit service solutions according to your specified requirements.  Utilizing CTI's auditing service can assist in qualifying and choosing top performing suppliers.

CTI evaluates the real situation of the factory, including quality, environmental aspects, hazards substances, general health and safety of labor force, and behavior criterion of the operation, etc. In order to have much more competitive advantages, CTI can help identify existing problems, development alternatives and improvements which improve daily operations
for you and yoru suppliers.
Factory Quality Audit Program
CTI assesses a factory’s quality system, manufacturing processes and environmental responsibilities against pre-defined criteria to qualify, evaluate, and improve the functioning of suppliers.  The factory quality audit program is broken down into the following four steps:

  • Pre-qualify suppliers
  • Track and measure ongoing performance
  • Select key suppliers for consolidation
  • Manage quality, risk, and brand equity

Our auditing team uses a score and weighting system to evaluate production facilities for virtually every industry.  Auditing is performed on the basis of ISO 9000, risk assessment, and good manufacturing practices.
Social Accountability Monitoring Program
Social responsibility is a vital aspect of your supply chain as violations of workers’ conditions or labor laws can severely affect brand equity.  Whereas unfair labor practices formerly went unnoticed, the media, labor groups, and human rights observers are exposing companies who exploit workers and/or the environment.
Increasing media exposure to unethical treatment of workers has made consumers increasingly aware of companies with poor social records.  Not only do consumers boycott companies that lack social accountability, but governments and regulatory bodies are currently under more pressure to sanction firms guilty of unethical labor practices.

CTI offers independent and unbiased social responsibility evaluation for companies’ suppliers.  Our personnel ensure that your social accountability program is correctly implemented, and we offer consultation to continuously improve your suppliers’ social record.

CTI offers tailor-made audit service according to your specified requirements. In order to help you choose an appropriate supplier. CTI evaluates the real situation of the factory, including quality, environment, hazards substances control, code of society, health and safety of labor, and behavior criterion of the operation, etc.

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